Gender Reveal of Baby Number Three!

I was originally considering to NOT find out the gender of my third child until after the baby was here. I was on the fence until the end of my anatomy scan. In fact, I didn’t know the answer when the technician asked me if I wanted to know the sex of the baby, if I wanted her to write it down, or if I wanted to be completely surprised. I spent that whole appointment trying to figure it out.

Baby holding hands.

My little baby was enjoying throwing on a show for me. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the room had a TV displayed in front of me, instead of having to turn my head around to look at a tiny screen. I felt SO comfortable that I almost fell asleep on a couple of occasions. The baby was moving, cooperative, and the technician said that everything about this baby was so sweet and beautiful.

After the pictures of all of the important stuff was taken like the heart, brain, spine, and so on and so forth (seriously, you ultrasound technicians are amazing with how quickly you can fly through snapping pictures) because even though this is my third baby, I barely had a clue what I was looking at. Yet, it still felt entirely special; even though I was completely alone during this.

At the end of the appointment, with a huge group of pictures of profiles, feet, hands, arms, and cute little face pictures – I was asked which I preferred when it came to the gender imaging. I asked if there was any way she could show me, but also print out the image separately to be able to surprise my husband. That technician was amazing!

I was so happy when I got out of that appointment. Ran through the hallways of the hospital (okay, not really) and out into the parking lot where my husband and our two daughters were waiting for me. I showed the pictures of the ultrasound, my husband trying to trick me into saying the gender, and then – I completely slipped up in excitement!

I felt really bad for slipping up with using the pronouns with my husband. My oldest, Aubri, said that she changed her mind – she WANTED to know right then and there instead of being surprised when we got home. So, I told her the news as well; which she was SO excited!

So… am I having a baby boy or a baby girl?

My third baby is another beautiful baby girl!

I know that I should feel saddened because of society painting that you need to have boys and girls; but I’m actually really happy about being a girl mom and don’t feel as though I’m missing out. I would have been happy either way but if I got to “choose” then I would have preferred a girl. I DID have this theory that I was pregnant with a boy because this pregnancy has been SO different; but I have thought that before with both of my girls at least once! You can actually read my last post about trying fun gender predictions to guess the gender!

Still, I’m happy with this outcome and I’m upset about those who are… disappointed that it’s another girl because girls are SO much fun!

As for you, my beautiful baby girl – we are so excited to meet you in February and have you officially join our family. We love you!

Thank you for reading this chapter of Chrissy.


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